Events Scaffolding Rental and Sales UAE

Events Scaffolding Rental and Sales

Whether you choose to rent small, efficient mobile staging equipment or purchase a customized truss grid for large outdoor events, Gulf Arena is ready to help. Our products and services include:

  • Comprehensive seating, crowd control, and security solutions for events of all kinds and sizes
  • Mobile stages of all sizes that are easily installed and removed
  • Versatile scaffold structures that are suitable for a wide range of terrain types, including those where disturbing the ground is undesirable
  • Tower staging you can configure for your event that produces incredible sight lines

    Scaffolding for events in UAE
    Scaffolding for events
  • Support structures that enhance the feel of your event
  • Custom softgoods, protective groundcover and staging accessories
  • Staging and grid systems that give you maximum strength and versatility
  • Safe, reliable and durable rigging equipment
  • Permanent and temporary installations that set the industry standard
  • And more

Whether you need to rent concert scaffolding for a one-time event or you need to purchase equipment for a tour or permanent venue, Gulf Arena Scaffolding, is your source for versatility and durability. You’ll find a huge selection of staging equipment in addition to scaffolding — such as mobile stages, towers and trusses, security barricades, support structures, seating of all kinds, safety equipment, parts and accessories.

Our team provides our customers with nearly endless options for stage design and construction, giving every event a unique feel. When it comes to quality, versatility and dependability, no other entertainment production company can match us.

We have staged, engineered and serviced entertainment structures of all kinds and sizes. With experience in nearly every type of public event, you’ll see there is no event production aspect we can’t help you with. For more information about our staging services, or how you can buy or rent equipment, contact Gulf Arena Scaffolding today




Customizable Outdoor Concert Stage Design

For more than 20 years, Gulf Arena has led the entertainment industry in durable and versatile custom staging for outdoor concerts and events. We have designed and built temporary and permanent portable staging for outdoor events all over the world.

Scaffolding for Outdoor Concert Stage
Scaffolding for Outdoor Concert Stage

Our sales team, engineers, marketing and crew professionals bring entertainment production expertise to every client we serve. When you choose Gulf Arena for your outdoor concert, you’ll get a world-class event, regardless of its size.
We have designed, engineered, and constructed an incredible range of customized staging for indoor and outdoor events of all kinds. When you choose Mountain Productions, you’ll get versatility that can help you create a stage for any occasion. You’ll also work with experienced professionals who can deliver the products and services you need.



Stage Rigging Equipment – Stage Rigging Services

Gulf Arena can manage your custom production needs in both staging and rigging. From the largest custom staging event to the smallest concert that requires basic rigging only, we’ll provide what you need.

A stage is only as good as the equipment behind it. And today’s artists demand better quality

Scaffolding for Stages
Scaffolding for Stages

equipment and stage options than ever before. Quality rigging and staging equipment give performers the freedom to make their visions turn into reality. With quality, safe stage rigging and equipment, artists can use pyrotechnics or can “fly” into the air above the crowd. They can handle multiple scenery and lighting changes and treat the audience to high-octane and impressive shows.

The reality is that stage rigging equipment is often the hidden star of the show. Especially with quality equipment, it is usually unobtrusive and barely noticed by the audience – yet it allows for the most impressive stage and performance techniques to take place. Quality equipment for stage rigging systems makes a whole new world of performance possible, while keeping both performers and audiences safer.

At Gulf Arena, no job is too big or too small. For more information about our staging equipment, contact us today.